Kiki Hitomi is the singer/songwriter from bass explorers King Midas Sound (Ninja Tune), Black Chow and was a founding member of the Japanese Dubstep noise duo Dokkebi Q. Her highly acclaimed solo debut album “Karma No Kusari” appeared on Jahtari in 2016 and is roaming the galaxies ever since.

Apart from her own solo project Kiki is part of the Science Ninja team WaqWaq Kingdom and also released a tape with Noinonoinonoino on Caoutchou Records.

Kiki completed a BA in Design Studies at Goldsmith, University of London, and has worked as freelance artist for many clothing labels and skateboard companies such as Heroin Skateboards, Etnies, Emerica, Silas and Maria, Levies, Uniqlo.

She also designed a lot of cover artwork for various artists and record labels such as King Midas Sound, The Bug, Scientist, Tikiman etc.