Intonal Festival 2022: WaqWaq Kingdom

Kiki Hitomi and Shigeru Ishihara present the world premiere of Glitches Jungle, a commission for the Malmö experimental music festival.

Live Premiere of Two Play To Play at Conne Island, 28. May 2021. A project by Gewandhaus Leipzig with Volker Hemken and disrupt.

Kiki played live streaming concert at Gewandhaus (Leipzig Opera House) during the quarantine in April 2020.

My band WaqWaq Kingdom (Dj ScotchEgg & Me)’s new single “DOGGY BAG” is out on Phantom Limb’s BandCamp.

2nd album ‘Essaka Hoisaえっさかほいさ’ is out on 15th November 2019

Music video “Galaxy” from Kiki’s debut album Karma No Kusari
Video by Clíona Ní Laoi